Case Study: EJIE

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Case Study: EJIE

IT service provider reduces support costs and complexity by unifying backup and recovery solution across three data centers

The challenge

  • Inability to guarantee accessibility and availability of the data owned and managed by different agencies and services within the Basque Government
  • Scaling infrastructure and services to meet the growth demands of each entity
  • The need for a centrally controlled, multi-tenant backup system that could guarantee each client the accessibility and security of their data in the case of incident

The benefits

  • Backup and recovery service with virtualized infrastructures in a private cloud environment that ensures the availability of information in any circumstance
  • Multi-tenant solution that allows each entity to access and manage its own backup environment
  • Automation, self-service and high speed delivery on their customer services
  • Consolidation which simplifies operations and optimizes IT resources
  • A scalable platform that allows optimal coverage for large volumes of information and future growth.

The solution

  • Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery software allowing data lifecycle management from a single point, eliminating silos of information and providing different views and options on completely independent environments, enabling the co-existence, management and administration of multiple clients in a single environment
  • Consolidation across three data centres of the different backup products previously installed on premises in each department, unifying the support and services contracts

Ejie consolidates

Industry: Government

Services: Public administration

Headquarters: Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)

EJIE (Sociedad Informática del Gobierno Vasco) cooperates with Basque public entities to help them digitize the services offered to the citizen. Founded in 1983, the organization is specialized in providing Information Technology services with the maximum quality, efficiency and safety. EJIE serves more than 700 educational centers, and more than 300 healthcare facilities, courts, police stations, etc.

EJIE offers services through physical and logical infrastructures, such as the monitoring of the operation of the facilities, hosting services, end user services or computer equipment installations. However, EJIE is not limited to giving technological support, but is immersed in a process of digital transformation called the Batera project, which aims to provide the Basque Government with not only infrastructure capacity, but also scalability and availability for its services. “Build our infrastructures with important technological capabilities, important virtualization capabilities, scalability, backup, etc. That is our mission,” explains Alex Etxeberría, CEO of EJIE.

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Collaborating to innovate

The Commvault solution is implemented in the Batera data centers, and it backs up around 900 virtual machines. In addition, it is integrated with the automation solutions available to EJIE, and offers multi-tenant capacity for the entity’s clients. The objective is to extend the backup to more than 4,000 virtual machines, and provide a backup service to 80,000 PCs in schools and healthcare centers.

When EJIE decided to create a new project – a private cloud to support the different entities of the Basque Government, from health to educational or judicial organizations, among others – “The Batera Project arose from the need to share projects and technologies among the different departments, agencies or institutions that make up the Basque government. We came to the conclusion that the best infrastructures we could offer were virtualized infrastructures, in a private cloud, and it was a pioneering challenge because, as far as we know, there is no other institution at this time, in the public environment of this country, that have infrastructures at this level with the capacity to scale,” continues Etxeberría.

"We run a shared services private cloud, which is a software-defined data center, where automation, self-service and high-speed supply are the priority. Commvault plays a critical role in helping us deliver this."

Alex Etxeberría
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Availability and scalability

At the time of the design and development of the project, from the first moment it was clear that were the two main challenges they would face. As Álex Etxeberría points out: “The technological challenges that we face in this process of digital transformation are two: availability and scalability.”

Likewise within the project EJIE considered backup as one of the fundamental pillars of its strategy. “The backup policies are those that can generate the greatest confidence from our customers, because they are the last safeguard that remains against any incident,” says Alex Etxeberría. “Therefore, one of the first challenges we faced when determining the components that should be in Batera was to have a robust backup system. That’s what we designed at the time, it’s what we bid, and this is where Commvault has assisted us.”

Previously, the organization had backup solutions installed ‘on premises’, with separate support service contracts. “Each department had a different technological solution, so we wanted to be able to address a consolidation of these backup solutions, hire them in service mode, which would grow as needed. The Commvault solution has consolidated backup products from a single platform.”

As a result of the project, EJIE now has a multi-tenant private cloud that provides a wide range of services and applications to public agencies of all kinds which can choose to self-manage their applications, delegate their management to EJIE or use a mixed model. The option that predominates at the moment is that each entity self-manages its multi-tenant environment based on a portfolio of available services (including Commvault, Oracle, SQL, VMware, Microsoft, etc.).

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Consolidation of backup operations and centralized management

For everything related to backup management, EJIE implemented Commvault software which manages the life cycle of data from a single point, eliminating silos of information and providing different views and management options on totally different environments. This makes possible the co-existence, management and administration of multiple clients in a single environment. “The criteria that led us to hire a copy and backup service with Commvault software were the combination of the proposed architecture, the technical characteristics of the solution and the price offered by the solution.”

Following implementation of the Commvault solution, after a pilot period a tender was launched to contract the solution as a backup service. This tender was won by the company Omega Peripherals, which proposed a solution based on Commvault with hybridization capability in the cloud. “At present, the solution is already implemented in our data center,” explains Aritza Iratzagorria, Director of Infrastructure and Operations of EJIE, “and now we are migrating the different solutions that the entities involved in the project have to Commvault.”


EJIE in figures

  • 3 data centers
  • 1,200m2
  • 2 data centers in Vitoria-Gasteiz and 1 in Vizcaya


  • 1,077 dedicated servers
  • 7,018 virtual machines
  • 9,000 TB EMC/HP storage
  • 3,000 Cisco/Huawei network devices
  • Linux Redhat/ Microsoft operating systems


  • 2,491 Oracle Web Logic
  • 185 TOMCAT


  • 586 Oracle
  • 208 MySQL
  • 56 MS SQL

This differential is important because, although Batera contains 3 data centers, with more than 1,200 square meters of technical rooms and a large capacity for computing and storage, the rest of the entities involved in the project add almost 20 other centers. “We are talking about more than 700 educational centers, more than 300 healthcare institutions, judicial centers, police centers, etc.,” clarifies Iratzagorria.

Another objective that EJIE had was automation. “We wanted each entity to be able to manage the tenant that corresponded to it. That is to say, that the solution was very oriented towards automation. We are in a private cloud project, a data center based on software, where automation, self-service and high speed supply are the priority. Commvault brings us these capabilities,” states Iratzagorria.

Following this initiative, EJIE is now a pioneer in the Spanish public sector in having implemented a private cloud to provide IT services (IaaS and PaaS) in MSP mode to all local government entities in the Basque Country. “Having successfully completed the first phase of implementing the Commvault backup solution has made us able to offer quality services to our customers,” concludes Alex Etxeberria.

"We are talking about more than 700 educational centers, more than 300 healthcare institutions, judicial centers, police centers, etc."

Aritza Iratzagorria
Director of Infrastructure and Operations,,
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