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Commvault Activate™

Data drives our business operations and innovations yet, data volumes continue to explode and are increasingly fragmented across devices, locations and service providers. The number of data sources and formats are similarly becoming more varied and complex. Penalties for poor data collection and handling can no longer be ignored in an environment of escalating global regulation. More than ever, trust is essential for those engaging in a digital marketplace, and customers demand transparency and accountability.

We are often consumed with the costs and the risks of data in the abstract, and not necessarily on the value it represents.

Commvault Activate Datasheet

What is your data telling you?

It’s no longer just a matter of having lots of data to work with, or just looking at the same data from structured data sources. It’s a matter of turning all your available data into information that can be used to drive the outcomes your business needs.

Transform your data into an advantage:

  • Know what information you have at your disposal, across your whole organization.
  • Make it available to the right people and processes, at the right time.
  • Drive decisions with real data-driven insights.
  • Have the confidence that sensitive and critical data is managed in a way that respects its value to your organization and those who entrust it to you.
  • Recognize risk across silos and discover new data that warrants protection.
Remote Managed Services

Enforced data policy and governance using the Commvault Activate™ solution can achieve real business outcomes with the activities necessary to maximize the value of your data, while minimizing risks and driving efficiencies.

Commvault has an unparalleled ability to collect and protect data from across your organization. Commvault Activate™ extends Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery with a layer of analytics, workflows and pre-built solution accelerators that allow you to know what data you have, contextualize it, apply rules to it, protect it and use it.

Key capabilities of Commvault Activate™

Business Goal Capabilities
Index and analyze data across silos

Index and analyze metadata and the full text of emails and files within backups, archives or directly from other data sources.

  • Make this information discoverable for searching and action-oriented decision making
  • Enhance your existing data with new meaning and context by using open-APIs to integrate 3rd party specialized data services
Reduce data risks and comply with privacy regulations

Use the Sensitive Data Governance accelerator to:

  • Detect personal and other sensitive information within unstructured data
  • Analyze risks and present dashboards to support risk assessment and planning
  • Proactively remediate data privacy risks before they become a problem or respond to data subject requests with review and approval workflows
Use insights to drive file efficiencies and accountability

Use pre-built reports to determine.

  • Redundancy and potential for reducing cost and risk
  • Access history to indicate inactive or critical files
  • Pockets of sensitive data that might require protective actions
  • Organizational ownership and distribution of files to drive more accountability and decision making
Quickly collect the most relevant data to support your cases

Support investigations and eDiscovery requests.

  • Search for relevant content across emails and file shares
  • Assemble collections of content for further use
  • Export records to use with external systems and service providers
Enable your team to build upon the value of your data without a slew of other products

Develop your own content applications and reports with a broad analytics-based toolkit.

  • Source and blend structured and unstructured data
  • Index and analyze data / metadata based on your own definitions and data profiles
  • Content Search and Case Manager
  • Builders for dashboards, reports, data policy and full workflow enabled applications

Commvault Activate™ in Context

Commvault HyperScale Technology

Use Commvault Activate™ in conjunction with Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery to add a layer of information understanding to your backup and archive data. Or use Commvault Activate™ by itself to identify information risks and opportunities for data protection.

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Commvault Activate™ provides you with the insights and governance you need to use and safeguard your valuable information. See buying options.