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Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery

Your status quo backup is broken! Whether it’s a lack of automation that slows response times, an inability to scale cost-effectively, a lack of support for today’s modern cloud environments, or an inability to meet governance regulations like GDPR, yesterday’s solutions are not addressing your needs today.

Despite these challenges, the value of your data continues to increase, making protection of your data more important than ever. You need a solution that allows your company to innovate and grow while keeping the business running uninterrupted, proactively enabling rapid change, and applying effective governance in the face of regulatory shifts. Additionally, you want a solution that reduces administrative complexity while being delivered at the same or lower cost as your current solution.

Ultimately, you need a backup and recovery solution that helps you address these challenges and increase your ability to respond across the following areas:

  • Recovery Readiness: What is your response when the business asks how ready you are to recover in the face of a disaster?
  • Data Governance: How do you adhere to complex data privacy and protection laws?
  • Constant Change: How fast can you respond to change in the business, and in your career?
  • Management Complexity: How do you properly manage remote, physical, cloud and virtual environments?
  • Optimizing Costs: How can you successfully optimize your current and future infrastructure utilization?

Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery includes everything you need to conduct backup, recovery and archiving activities, enable operational reporting and perform hardware snapshot management, all in one complete solution.

With Commvault Complete™ Backup and Recovery you can:

Reduce annual unplanned downtime by


Reduce costs associated with backup and recovery by


Reduce weekly administrative hours associated with data protection, storage and data management operations by


Reduce exposure to compliance and audit failures, data theft and breach by


Additionally, as your company grows and your needs expand, you can simplify disaster recovery, development and testing, and workload migration through automation and orchestration (Commvault Orchestrate™); you can extract data insights for better data governance and business outcomes (Commvault Activate™); and you can leverage the cost and scale efficiencies of the cloud on-premises using a software-defined scale-out architecture (Commvault HyperScale™ Technology).

Complete backup and recovery


  • Complete backup & recovery – All File, App, VM
  • File/VM archiving
  • Encryption
  • Endpoint data protection
  • Mailbox protection
  • DR – Failover/Failback/conversion
  • Hardware snapshot management
  • Replication & VM Live Sync
  • Backup Operational Reporting
  • Enterprise tape management and tracking


On-premises scale-out backup and recovery – delivered as a converged Commvault appliance or through our trusted network of partners.



Provision, sync and validate your data in any environment for important IT needs such as DR testing, Dev/Test, and/or Workload Migration.



Extract data insights for better data governance and business outcomes.

Key capabilities of Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery

Category Capabilities Comment
CORE DATA INFRASTRUCTURE Store protected data on tape and disk, including integrated deduplication and encryption support, with support for all basic backup and recovery capabilities. Many competitive solutions recommend expensive purpose-built appliances to address encryption and/or deduplication because it’s not a standard feature.
Store protected data with cloud storage providers (e.g., Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Google, and many others). Some vendors charge to store and manage data in the cloud. Others have limited cloud storage provider support Commvault’s native cloud integration eliminates the need for expensive 3rd party solutions and/or cloud gateways.
Provide a complete view into the operation of your backup and recovery infrastructure. Many solutions charge a premium for operational reporting and/or provide a subset of capabilities than Commvault.
SERVER, NAS, VIRTUAL, & CLOUD WORKLOADS Support for all file systems, enterprise applications, and virtual platforms (see a list of supported technologies) are included in Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery. Many vendors charge an upsell to protect certain applications and/or file systems. In many cases, they require a 3rd party solution to deliver the functionality because they don't have it.
INTELLISNAP® SNAPSHOT MANAGEMENT & REPLICATION Create replicated copies of Live Data in secondary locations. Some vendors charge an upsell or recommend third-party solutions.
Integrate with industry leading number of storage arrays to perform snapshots and backup operations from those snapshots. Many solutions offer limited integration with hardware snapshot engines, but some require upsells for actual backup integration with those snapshots.
USER-SPECIFIC WORKLOADS Give your endpoint users the ability to protect, recover, and even share data with others. Many solutions offer endpoint data protection, but file sharing is often a separate product from backup.
Protect and intelligently archive user data stored in mailboxes both on premises and in the cloud, as well as other user-based data repositories such as OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Google Drive, and Mailbox backup and mailbox archive are often separate products. Few vendors offer total protection of Microsoft Office365 and Google Mail/Drive in a single package. These features are frequently an upsell option.
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Commvault offers the only truly complete backup and recovery solution that is simple, cost-effective, modern, and reliable. See buying options.