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Commvault Data Migration Services

A roadmap for controlled migration to Commvault’s Data Management Platform

Data Migration Services Overview

  • Migration On-Demand - When current backup solution is decommissioned, backup catalog is ingested and maintained by a Commvault partner for a low monthly subscription. Partner performs restore of legacy data, as required.
  • Archive Migration - Commvault extracts data from legacy archive solution and prepares data to be ingested by Commvault.
  • Full Service Migration - a bundled custom service, Commvault and partners convert existing data and ingest into the Commvault platform.

In the world of business technology, applications are the enablers of complex business processes. Over time, these applications are typically supplanted by newer applications that do the job faster, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively. And for people who manage these applications, they are all under constant pressure to reduce cost and enable innovation that helps to drive revenue.

Migrating to a new platform can enable new functionality, speed, or accessibility. But making a shift from a legacy platform can be a daunting challenge, one that is fraught with risk, both operational and financial. In the wrong hands, what should be a simple migration can turn into a long, complicated mess, with a less-than-certain outcome. You need a migration partner who can not only get the job done, but one who can act as a trusted advisor, working with you to ensure that your operational and business objectives are met to your satisfaction.

Commvault’s Data Migration Services team has the experience, proven methodologies, and tools to drive successful migration at scale.

We work closely with you to help identify, group, and efficiently migrate your applications quickly, cost effectively, and with minimal disruption to your ongoing operations.

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Commvault’s Migration Services speeds transition and reduces operational risk.

With a proven migration methodology and a portfolio of specially targeted services to facilitate the transition, Commvault’s Professional Services Team helps take the operational and financial risk - and uncertainty - out of transitioning to our industry-leading data management solution.

  1. Migration On-Demand - To ensure that your legacy data remains available and accessible, we provide a variety of solutions for any required data restoration. A service provider can ingest the decommissioned legacy software backup catalog to your specified medium (e.g. disk, tape, or internet). There would be a monthly fee for this service and a separate a la carte price per restore. All stored data (e.g. tapes) would remain in your possession until a restore request is made, at which point you share stored data with the service provider. For larger deployments, service provider may have an on-site presence.
  2. Archive Migration - Proprietary email and file archive software packages that are not easily transitioned can be extracted using a brute force pull. We have identified Partners who are qualified to assist in these types of scenarios.
  3. Full Service Migration - A bundled, fully-custom service offering, in which Commvault and partners convert your existing data and ingest into the Commvault platform.
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Contact us to learn how Commvault can help migrate your organization's data.