Commvault for Disaster Recovery

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Commvault for Disaster Recovery


  • Provides support for Disaster Recovery (DR) for multiple data types, applications, and hypervisors
  • A single, flexible solution enables the provision of multiple Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) based on your business Service-Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Allows you to deploy DR solutions to-and-from on-premises, and across public and private clouds
  • Simple yet robust SLA-based protection plans incorporate both backup and DR together
  • Enables orchestrated DR functions, including failover, failback, testing, and reverse protection


Disaster Recovery is an important risk mitigation strategy that enables an organization to continue business operations in case of natural or human-induced disasters. It’s an area of security planning that aims to protect an organization from the effects of significant negative events, while enabling them to maintain — or quickly resume — mission-critical functions following a disaster. At Commvault, we believe that implementing a DR solution should be simple, aligned to your business needs, and affordable. With Commvault’s Live Sync replication and recovery features, you can easily implement a flexible and scalable DR recovery solution that will meet the needs of most any enterprise.

Disaster Recovery challenges

Providing a DR solution for a single Virtual Machine (VM) might seem simple. But providing a DR solution for thousands of virtual machines and applications — each with differing requirements — is not nearly as simple. Commvault can help you simplify creating and managing your Disaster Recovery efforts with a DR solution that enables flexible Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO). Using SLA-based protection plans helps ensure that that your VMs and applications are managed exactly as your business requires — while still helping you to minimize your costs.

Commvault for Disaster Recovery

Flexible Disaster Recovery

  • Single solution that provides Disaster Recovery for multiple applications, VM across hypervisors
  • Flexibility to deploy a single solution to meet multiple RPOs to align costs with your SLAs
  • Support for replication to and from the cloud
  • Simplified failover, failback, and DR testing from a web-based interface
  • Failover groups to replicate and automate multiple VMs together based on business requirements

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Global management and proactive monitoring

  • Protect and manage all your virtual environments
  • Monitor and report on your testing and recovery operations
  • Easily recover data to multiple locations

Cloud integration for enabling hybrid infrastructure

  • Protect and manage your DR solution from a single view
  • Provide reporting and monitoring of DR RPOs and RTOs using Recovery Readiness dashboard and reports
  • Build custom recovery workflows that incorporate multiple infrastructure reducing manual recovery efforts

Public cloud integration

  • Directly integrate with cloud resources, without the need for costly gateways, to easily use cloud as an alternative to traditional DR location
  • DR replication from on-premises to on-premises, on-premises to the cloud, and cloud to cloud
  • Recover directly to/from cloud resources without the need to stage data

Simplified deployment and administration

  • Software-based solution offers flexible deployments options from cold, to warm, to hot standby
  • An easy-to-use, centralized management console reduces learning curve and deployment complexity
  • DR testing, failover and failback of VMs and applications using a centralized console increases confidence in your DR plan

Data protection highlights

  • Hypervisors supported:
    • VMware to VMware, Azure, AWS
    • Hyper-V to Hyper-V and Azure
    • AWS to AWS
  • Database support:
    • Oracle, MS SQL, PostGreSQL
  • Multiple DR RPOs via Live Sync, Live Sync Direct, and Live Sync IO options
  • 1-click failover (planned or unplanned) and failback
  • Reverse replication
  • Integrated with hardware and hypervisor VM snapshots

Easy-to-use and flexible

As a software-based solution, Commvault provides extreme flexibility in deployment options. Live Sync provides a software-based replication solution that uses a customer’s backup infrastructure to provide a warm DR solution without impacting their production environment. A customer can deploy Live Sync to meet a single RPO or multiple RPOs from a single solution. A centralized management console consolidates all configuration, management, and reporting tools into an easy-to-use portal, greatly reducing your administrative burden.


Disaster Recovery is essential for keeping your business running. With Commvault, you can easily implement a DR strategy with a single, centralized solution, without having to rely on multiple point solutions or compromise on cost or your SLAs.

About Commvault

Commvault’s converged data management solution redefines what backup means for the progressive enterprise. With innovative products that include Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery; Commvault HyperScale™; Commvault Orchestrate™; and Commvault Activate™, Commvault offers an integrated range of backup and recovery, storage infrastructure, service delivery orchestration and data governance solutions.

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Commvault software delivers disaster recovery functionalities that match the dynamic, complex nature of today’s enterprise data environments.