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Commvault IntelliSnap Technology Solution Overview

Why snapshots?

If you’re like most companies, you’re trying to simultaneously address various aspects of virtualization, the migration to the cloud and big data. Meanwhile, your data continues to grow exponentially with no signs of slowing down. Backup windows are shrinking, making it challenging to complete backups on time, and end users’ ‘always on’ expectations have put pressure on you to provide recovery faster than ever.

As a result, many enterprises have turned to array-based snapshots to augment or replace legacy data protection solutions. Compared to traditional solutions, snapshots offer faster recovery (data stays within the array), faster capture of data (snapshots happen in seconds), less disruption (almost no impact to applications) and the added benefit of lower costs for non-production copies (can run data copies from snapshots).

Commvault IntelliSnap Technology Solution Overview
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Challenges with snapshot management

Despite the benefits they provide, if you’re managing snapshots manually or with ‘script-it-yourself’ solutions, there may be several reasons they aren’t working well—or maybe you weren’t able to make them work at all. These challenges include integrating applications, OSes, and hypervisors with the storage arrays across your environment; difficulty automating protection and recovery in scripts; changes to your software and hardware environment that break scripts; a lack of visibility across your environment; and/or routine personnel issues. The end result is that snapshots often require significant manual scripting to be effective, which increases complexity, risk, and cost, and doesn’t let you operate efficiently at scale.

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A better snapshot management solution: IntelliSnap technology

An effective, efficient snapshot management solution lets you accelerate protection and recovery, simplify operations, and scale with your environment. Commvault IntelliSnap technology streamlines and simplifies snapshot management making snapshots more valuable and effective at protecting and recovering data and applications.

IntelliSnap technology centralizes snapshot management across heterogeneous storage platforms; orchestrates file, object, application, and database recovery; integrates snapshots with backup and archive management to give you a complete view into data across applications, devices, and locations; and simplifies data protection and lifecycle management using a single interface. This reduces administrative overhead by eliminating scripts and improves access, availability, and IT efficiency.


Commvault IntelliSnap technology streamlines snapshot management and accelerates data protection and recovery operations.

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Automated Snapshot Management

Commvault IntelliSnap technology enables a modern approach to data protection by merging storage hardware snapshots directly into the data protection process. IntelliSnap technology integrates tightly with the broadest list of applications1, OSes2, hypervisors1, and storage arrays3 to provide significant deployment flexibility. Serving as the integration point among these components, IntelliSnap technology automatically discovers the volume/disk configurations, quiesces the data to ensure application consistency, takes a snapshot, and then resumes live operations.

IntelliSnap technology indexes snapshot contents, making snapshots searchable in the Commvault catalog. You can disable indexing for faster protection or offload it to a proxy server to avoid impacting production and still perform granular recovery. Backup copy operations can push data from the snapshot to cloud storage, secondary disk storage, or tape, again without production impact. IntelliSnap technology seamlessly merges snapshot operations into the overall data protection policies so they look and operate the same way regardless of application or storage platform.

End to end automated protection

Figure 1: End to end automated protection

5 Reasons Why Your Snapshots Aren’t Working

Find out additional information on the challenges created by manually-managed or "script-it-yourself" snapshot solutions.

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Orchestrated Operational Recovery

Commvault software’s index lets you intuitively search and granularly recover data within and across all snapshots under management. Commvault IntelliSnap technology also automates database and application recovery across snapshots and secondary copies.

Recovery is based on what data you need and from which time period, not where it’s being kept. For example, to recover a database that is snapped every 6 hours, with log backups every 30 minutes and a backup to secondary storage once a day, simply select the database and a point in time to recover to. IntelliSnap technology will restore the bulk of the data from the snapshot and then automatically replay the logs to bring the database back to the selected point in time. If you need an older recovery point that is no longer available from a snapshot, IntelliSnap technology will automatically pull data from the secondary copy as needed. Commvault software orchestrates the entire process between hardware and host.

Commvault offers the industry’s broadest support for integrating with and exploiting storage hardware platform snapshots, directly supporting over two dozen of the top-selling storage arrays.

Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Software”, June 2016, G00280391
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Streamline Replication, Accelerate Dev/Test Operations

For select arrays, IntelliSnap technology can simplify disaster recovery and dev/test operations by managing array-based replication and the creation of temporary, writable snapshot copies. IntelliSnap technology can manage array replication to create more frequent, more current DR copies – with full application awareness and granular recovery capabilities. The IntelliSnap feature can also create dev/test copies at the DR site, offloading dev/test from the production environment and eliminating the need for scripted or labor-intensive, manual database refreshes – significantly reducing overhead and accelerating dev/test operations.

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Truly Unified Protection and Recovery

IntelliSnap technology unifies data protection and recovery across all tiers. From managing snapshots on primary storage all the way to long-term retention on disk, tape, or cloud, IntelliSnap technology combines all tiers of protection into a common interface with a single window for management, operations, reporting, and alerting.

We’ve got your covered! IntelliSnap technology supports:

Intellisnap Technology

Not all applications, file systems, and hypervisors are supported on each storage platform. Commvault periodically adds to the hardware and application support matrix. Please consult or your Commvault sales representative for the most current list of supported systems and applications.

  2. (Operating System Major Versions)
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Commvault helps enterprises overcome the traditional challenges associated with snapshot recovery workflows, indexing and integration with applications and virtual machines.