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Services Brief - Remote Managed Services


You’re under constant pressure to grow your strategic capabilities and at the same time deliver operational excellence across a diverse IT landscape. With these frequently competing priorities, IT departments find it difficult to adequately support the breadth and depth of complex technologies, meet stringent business SLAs, and deliver it all with a limited budget. Consequently, many companies are using the cloud and other service-oriented, SLA-based strategies to simplify operations and improve their data management results. Managed services have proven themselves to be valuable tools for enabling those strategies.


Simplify your data management with trusted experts


The Commvault Remote Managed Services offering complements our software platform and provides results-oriented data protection to customers worldwide. Our seasoned Commvault engineers deliver secure, reliable, cost-effective, remote monitoring and management of your Commvault software environment. You retain full ownership of your data management infrastructure while we provide secure service delivery. This approach gives you the flexibility to take full advantage of the Commvault Data Platform quickly and easily while focusing your internal resources on more valuable, core business activities.

You will find that our approach is different from many in the industry. Service level agreements (SLAs) such as backup success and restore success are financially backed to ensure that our interests are aligned. We use a predictable, easy to understand pricing model that takes the uncertainty out of pricing and avoids hidden fees. And, we work diligently to optimize your data management outcomes through continuous communications, private support and metrics portals, and Quarterly Business Reviews.

Commvault helps customers create, design, implement, and automate bold data and information strategies that deliver immediate and sustainable value.

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Commvault.Cloud Portal – Partial view of customer metrics portal for service level and performance monitoring

Commvault Remote Managed Services supports many market verticals, and infrastructure worldwide including customer data centers, branch offices and third-party hosting centers. You can be confident that our consultative personnel, optimized processes, and best practices approach will help you consistently achieve the service levels that your business requires.

Commvault offers a unique approach to pricing for remote managed services. Contact your Commvault representative or authorized reseller to learn how you can simplify your data management with our team of trusted experts.

Commvault Consulting

Our experts can design, install, configure, personalize, and validate your Commvault environment so you can achieve a better return on investment, faster and with more confidence.

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Contact us to learn more about remote managed services from Commvault.