Data Protection for Virtualized Environments

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Data Protection for Virtualized Environments

VM Backup

End-to-end backup, recovery and cloud management for your entire VM lifecycle

Commvault offers enterprise-proven data protection and management that allows you to protect and move your data flexibly between your on-premises, hybrid and cloud locations, enabling you to meet your unique performance, cost, and accessibility requirements.

Our best-in-class software for Virtual Machine (VM) backup, recovery and cloud management enables VM recovery with live recovery options; backup to and in the cloud; custom-fit data protection for all your Service Level Agreements (SLAs); broad hardware snapshot management; and unprecedented workload portability across physical, virtual and cloud platforms. Our ability to provide end-to-end VM backup, recovery and cloud management creates a significantly better way to build, protect and optimize your VMs throughout their entire lifecycle.

Commvault’s single platform

Commvault’s single platform allows you to balance RPOs, RTOs, protection levels, and speeds against costs, across your entire enterprise.

Simple to deploy, scale, and manage,

Simple to deploy, scale, and manage, Commvault’s flexible software-only architecture provides robust features and enables unlimited scalability.

Commvault is cloud-ready

Commvault is cloud-ready, allowing you to easily move, manage, and use data from on–premises to cloud for backup, DevOps, and even Disaster Recovery.

Commvault offers a complete cloud management solution across multiple VM and cloud platforms, including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, and VMware. Our integrated approach enables you to automatically provision, protect and decommission your VMs — helping you achieve a more agile, efficient and cost-effective virtual infrastructure.


Commvault enables you to streamline and automate the management of your platform and ensure that no VM goes unprotected.

A lifecycle approach to VM management and protection

A lifecycle approach to VM management and protection

Comprehensive Data Protection Across On-Premises and Cloud Environments.

Commvault software takes the complexity out of managing VMs across evolving lifecycles. By treating each VM as unique, we make sure you meet can each VM’s workload recovery and retention requirements with a single solution that has no hidden costs. We enable you to streamline and automate the management of your platform and help ensure that no VM goes unprotected.

Commvault’s proven software solution offers advanced features to save you time and money, including: array-based snapshots across a wide range of VM platforms to meet demanding recovery requirements; automated VM archiving to reclaim wasted VM resources; and cloud management across multiple VM and cloud platforms that helps you get more from your infrastructure. But don’t take our word for it; see for yourself. Start your free trial.

Support for multiple Hypervisors

Commvault supports the following hypervisors
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Cloud-connected backup

As the cloud transforms IT strategies, it creates real challenges to operationalizing such critical activities as retrieval, disaster recovery, and test and development. With thousands of customers and hundreds of petabytes of data under management in the cloud, Commvault has the deep experience to help you:

  • Get to the cloud faster — Support cloud storage and compute use cases with support for more than 25 cloud storage platforms, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, Oracle, and VMware clouds.
  • Operationalize and optimize disaster recovery in the cloud — Implement a truly automated, end-to-end solution with a “best fit” approach, pre-built workflows, and simple provisioning and image creation.
  • Get more value from your cloud investment — Increase productivity, accelerate delivery and realize the true economics of the cloud with advanced orchestration, provisioning and management capabilities.

We can turn a public or hybrid cloud into a natural extension of your data center. You get the same level of security, control and access management as your on-premises hardware, but with the speed, flexibility and cost savings of the cloud.

Learn more about Cloud-connected Backup.

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Disaster recovery to the cloud

Cloud-based Disaster Recovery (DR) can be an attractive alternative for companies looking to closely manage their IT resources. The usage-based cost of cloud services – in which secondary infrastructure is parked and idling most of the time – makes it very suitable for DR. It minimizes the need for additional IT resources, infrastructure, and dedicated data center space, helping reduce both capex and opex costs. This makes it easier for many organizations to be more aggressive in their DR planning, and facilitates the kind of DR testing that can make the difference between success and failure for your DR strategy. Commvault’s high level of integration with major cloud platforms enables greater cross-cloud management and portability. You can move data seamlessly and easily into and across clouds, and even back-up your data, applications and VMs in one format and then recover them in another — regardless of which format you select.

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Commvault has the flexibility to support your infrastructure strategy, whatever it is. With Commvault software, you can seamlessly backup or replicate data to any cloud storage target.

Commvault supports the following hypervisors
Amazon Web Service Azure Hyper-V Oracle

Simplify and automate your backups to AWS — and restore to the AWS cloud or back to your own facility.

Seamlessly move data to and from the Microsoft Azure cloud.

With Commvault software, you can seamlessly back up or replicate data to any cloud storage target.

Protect and extract maximum value from your Oracle data.

Cross-platform support

Commvault allows you to easily provision and manage your entire VM lifecycle across various Virtual Machines and cloud platforms.

Microsoft VMWare

Accelerate your Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V adoption while dramatically improving resource utilization and operational efficiency.

Learn more about Commvault and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Rapidly deploy and scale VMware virtual server technologies to accelerate virtualization adoption and time-to-value.

Learn more about Commvault and VMware.

Flexible VM recovery

Commvault software gives you the power to recover data with a high level of flexibility, designed to meet your unique needs. With Commvault, you can perform granular file and folder level recovery without collecting metadata during the backup process; power up a VM directly from the backup to disk location without needing to restore it; and make VMs immediately available from the backup to disk location while a background process copies the virtual machine disk back to the production environment.

Learn more about Instant Recovery.

Flexible and easy-to-use

As a software-based solution, Commvault provides extreme flexibility in deployment options. Commvault also offers an integrated solution with its HyperScale™ Technology platform that combines all aspects of the data protection platform in a scale-out system. Commvault can also be deployed as a completely virtual or cloud-based protection platform, depending on the needs of your business. A single, intuitive management interface consolidates all configuration, management, and reporting tools into a web-based portal, simplifying ongoing management and greatly reducing your administrative burden.

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Customers consistently report high levels of satisfaction with Commvault solutions

According to an IDC study of exiting Commvault customers, Commvault users report a substantial reduction in annual spend on hardware, software, services, and compliance.

substantial reduction in annual spend on:





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To ensure reliable VM data protection, you need to build a model that will not only capture, monitor and protect your data, but also help you leverage it – regardless of where it may reside. Contact us to learn how Commvault can help.