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eDiscovery and Compliance Search

Stop crawling the enterprise looking for data every time a legal matter, regulatory inquiry or FOIA request arises. Why manually collect or push point product agents to machines across your network, then process that data into yet another storage silo? This reactionary process is time consuming, costly and increases risk by creating copies of sensitive data in new locations.

The most recent reputable surveys inquiring about collection, culling and preservation practices were conducted in 2017, and it is relatively safe to say that not much has changed. In the 2017 Norton Rose Fulbright Litigation Trends Annual Survey of 803 corporate counsel, 62% of respondents say they rely on IT to collect data. A startling 74% of respondents rely on self-preservation for at least some legal matters, which puts them at significant risk. This continued reliance on self-preservation is undoubtedly due to the overwhelming burden of identifying and collecting custodian data. In fact, the 2017 AIIM Governance and Compliance Survey indicated that fewer than 5% of companies have an automated, cross-silo method of finding and collecting electronically stored information (ESI).

Many companies are still employing manual system-by-system search and collection, and they are sending large volumes of irrelevant data into the legal review phase, which dramatically elevates their costs.

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Commvault Activate™ makes it easier for IT personnel to deliver on data requests by reducing or eliminating reactionary collection.

  • Proactively preserve and manage custodian data and high-risk, high-value data sources then index on demand, as needed.
  • Consolidate unstructured and semi-structured data into a single pool of information, ensuring both production and archived data is always accessible.
  • Place data on hold via the same solution you rely on for data protection and archiving.
  • Reduce risk by minimizing data copies and storage silos.
  • Lay a foundation for a holistic data management program that reduces cost and burden.

“Legal is not looking at IT as a huge expense; we are now a huge cost savings. This solution paid for itself in a matter of minutes.”

Sr. Storage Engineer, Fortune 100 Company

Stop crawling the enterprise
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Achieve a state of eDiscovery and investigative readiness.

Commvault® software creates a unified virtual repository that allows you to transform tactical backup and archiving operations into a strategic, low-TCO solution that facilitates litigation readiness, regulatory compliance and risk management.

While the solution enables on-demand collection from live sources, employing proactive preservation with continual data management allows you to achieve a true state of readiness. Proactive preservation and management integrated with your data protection solutions is a unique and effective approach to improving information governance and accelerating eDiscovery and investigations.

Key capabilities

Proactively preserve and manage high-risk, high-value data sources.

  • Automatically enforce defensible deletion.
  • Apply archiving and retention policies.
  • Maintain visibility into those sources for continual risk monitoring.

The centralized index enables search across both production and archived data.

  • Eliminate disparate data silos of sensitive information.
  • Accelerate search, curation of data sets and preservation.

Reduce collection, preservation and content-aware culling time from weeks to minutes.1

With custodian data actively managed, simply log into Commvault Activate™ move selected custodian data into a review set and cull based on timeline and content.

Failsafe your existing hold processes and eliminate reliance on employee self-preservation.

At the onset of litigation select your custodians and apply holds with Commvault software. Automated continual collection ensures new or changed files are added to the hold.

Assign read-only and edit permissions based on role.

Commvault® software maintains an auditable chain of custody.

Flexible export and production options.

Export formats include PST, NSF, HTML, CAB, EDRM XML.

  1. State government agency case study. 2018.
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Know, manage and use your data. Extract content-aware data insights for better business outcomes, data governance and eDiscovery readiness. To learn more, visit