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Executive Cloud Survey:
What IT Leaders Are Worried About

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Download - Executive Cloud Survey: What IT Leaders Are Worried About

Are you concerned that you’re missing out on new advancements related to cloud?

The fear of missing out is real: 81 percent of IT leaders were either extremely concerned or very concerned about missing out on cloud advancements.

Commvault partnered with CITO Research to survey 100 IT professionals to get their insights on cloud migration. The results of this survey clearly show that business leaders recognize that they must embrace cloud and are excited about the potential it holds for their organizations, yet they’re also experiencing bumps along their cloud migration journey.

For companies of all sizes, cloud is no longer optional: it’s a requirement in today’s data-driven business landscape. To keep up, many companies have migrated quickly, without fully fashioning a strategy for their cloud deployment.

Download this report to learn the key findings, including the fear of many C-level leaders: the fear of missing out (FOMO) around key cloud developments.