The Serbian Ministry of Environmental Protection Simplifies Data Protection with Commvault

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The Serbian Ministry of Environmental Protection Simplifies Data Protection with Commvault

Government body safeguards infrastructure, applications, and devices in the field with single backup and recovery solution

The challenge

  • Meet national data compliance regulations
  • Protect all devices and servers, including those used remotely in the field
  • Reduce the time the IT team spends on data backups
  • Ensure scalability for future growth

The solution

  • Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery provides centralized protection for devices, databases and applications
  • Data is deduplicated, saving 80% on storage costs
  • Partner Fractal Dimension streamlined the deployment

The benefits

  • Simplified and standardized data protection with intuitive, centralized solution
  • IT team has reduced time spent on backups by 70%
  • Scalable platform supports continuing innovation and growth
The Serbian Ministry of Environmental Protection Simplifies Data Protection

Industry: Government

Headquarters: Belgrade, Serbia

Safeguarding both remote and on-premises data

Headquartered in Belgrade, Serbia’s Ministry of Environmental Protection is leading the way for public sector organizations to meet the government’s 2020 initiative of digitalizing citizen services. “We need to be ready to protect an increasing volume of data and keep citizen services highly available,” says Vladan Kojanić, Head of the IT Administration, Ministry of Environmental Protection.

With more than 330 employees spread across 22 locations, the IT team needs to be able to support a variety of operating systems and facilitate field workers’ remote backups over the public network. “Our datacenter in Belgrade must be able to support secure file sharing between a host of different devices across the country. We need to ensure departments can share information without compromising on security if a device is lost or stolen,” comments Kojanić.

With Commvault, the organization can protect its data and safeguard services. It has also increased efficiency as system administrators can now manage restores remotely from a central console rather than having to travel to site, and each employee can do data restore themselves without the involvement of IT staff.

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Centralized solution ensures data remains highly accessible

The Ministry’s previous backup environment comprised Veeam, BackupExec, and Acronis solutions, which were complex and time-consuming to manage. The team turned to IT partner Fractal Dimension to help it select and deploy a single solution that could simplify protection for its disparate environment.

After analyzing its requirements, Fractal Dimension suggested Commvault Complete™️ Backup & Recovery as a cost-effective, comprehensive, and flexible data management solution. “Fractal Dimension demonstrated that the Commvault solution would suit our needs and reduce ongoing management costs,” recalls Kojanić.

Working closely with Commvault and Fractal Dimension, the Ministry of Environmental Protection completed the implementation in just six weeks.

With Commvault, the Ministry now has a central platform for data backup and management that can be customized to suit current and future requirements. The user-friendly solution was quick and easy to set up, integrates seamlessly and offers comprehensive data protection. “No competing solution on the market offers the same level of organic integration,” comments Kojanić.

"Commvault makes data protection a piece of cake: I love that I can do everything from a single console. My team of three is responsible for supporting more than 330 employees, and Commvault frees us up to focus on more valuable activities."

Vladan Kojanić
Head of the IT Administration, Ministry,
of Environmental Protection
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Happier, more productive users

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, employees working in the field needed minimal training to start sorting, backing up, and sharing documents on the move. Collaboration between departments has improved, while deduplication has helped reduce the organization’s data footprint more than 80%.

“Our users are reassured that their data is secure if anything happens to their device,” says Kojanić. “We’ve also been able to reduce the number of emails sent by sharing documents showing tracked changes, which is a huge efficiency gain for us.”

The IT team has also seen massive improvements in efficiency, as it now spends 70% less time managing backups. “Commvault makes data management a piece of cake: I love that I can do everything from a single console. My small team of three is responsible for supporting more than 400 devices and thanks to Commvault we’re free to focus on more valuable activities,” concludes Kojanić.


The Ministry of Environmental Protection in numbers

  • 330 employees / user accounts
  • Around 400 PCs/laptops
  • 80 remote workers across 22 locations

Key assets protected

  • Windows, Linux and MacOSX laptops and desktops
  • Android and OIS smartphones
  • SQL servers
  • Microsoft Exchange servers
  • File Servers

reduction in data footprint with deduplication

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