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Solution Brief: Azure Stack Backup and Recovery

Confidently Accelerate Your Hybrid Cloud Adoption

Leverage Azure Stack to Accelerate Hybrid Cloud Adoption

IDC’s 2017 Data center End-User Survey of more than 640 data center managers found that improving backup performance and ensuring critical workloads are restored in minutes as key challenges.1 Utilizing Azure Stack as a primary backup & disaster recovery destination for Azure workloads can accelerate hybrid cloud adoption.

Commvault Enables Rapid Hybrid Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

The Commvault Data Platform is designed for holistic data management, rapidly protecting data—wherever it lives. It natively protects data without the need for specialized point solutions that add expense and complexity. It’s the data platform that has been backing up and recovering Microsoft Azure Cloud and other Microsoft critical data and applications (Xbox & Office) for more than 15 years.

Commvault Mirrors the Microsoft Approach to a Single Data Platform

Commvault provides a single platform to protect data and applications across Azure, Azure Stack, on-premises and all other environments, with native protection and immediate migration from wherever your data is to Azure and to and from Azure Stack—providing the portability you need.

Commvault Mirrors the Microsoft Approach to a Single Data Platform

Commvault Keeps You In Control of Your Data

Migrate with Confidence

Rapid, protected migration to and from Azure - providing the portability you need.

Protect Data Value

Complete native2 backup, archive, recovery and compliance of data fulfills your protection requirement.

Optimize Hybrid Cloud

Unified data management drives efficiency across on-premises, cloud, and service provider options.

Commvault helps you migrate with confidence, protect the value of data and optimize your hybrid cloud. It’s a comprehensive approach that is unmatched in the industry. The Commvault Data Platform lets you adopt the cloud on your terms.

Blueprint for Azure Stack Data Protection

Blueprint for Azure Stack Data Protection

The Commvault Advantage is Clear

  • A single, consistent platform to natively backup, archive and recover your data and applications across Azure & Azure Stack.
  • Modernize core business applications with deep application support to backup and quickly recover critical business data.
  • Comply with data sovereignty regulations and in-country data requirements.

"Commvault accelerates your ability to utilize Azure Stack as your backup & disaster recovery target and to natively protect your most critical applications and their data."2

  1. IDC Report: Commvault Launches HyperScale Software to Meet Scale-Out, Software-Defined, Cloud-Ready Data Protection Needs, October 2017
  2. Using Azure and Azure Stack APIs
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