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Take Back Control with Copy Data Management (CDM)


You’re under pressure to achieve revenue goals quicker, be more agile, and make faster and better decisions. This is driving you to accelerate dev/test cycles, migrate data to the cloud, and improve reporting and analytics. To accomplish this, you need faster access to fresh copies of production data (copy data) to support these use cases.


Number of copies organizations must store and manage1


Amount of storage space consumed by copy data2

Managing this copy data increases storage costs and complexity, especially if you’re using separate tools to create, store, and move different copies. And given the time-consuming task of provisioning fresh copies of data, your teams may resort to using ‘stale’ data, impacting the quality of testing or your ability to make timely decisions.


Controlling, managing, and reducing the size of growing copies is critical. For your teams to succeed, you must also provide self-service access to secure copy data to enable scalability as capacities increase, granular-level recoverability regardless of where the data resides, and flexibility across a wide array of applications.

With Commvault's copy data management solution, providing automation and management for the full lifecycle of your copy data – whether it lives on-premises or in the cloud – is easy. You’ll speed dev/test efforts to enable faster time-to-market, simplify the migration of copy data to the cloud to improve business agility, and promote better decision-making.

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