Clinical Archiving

  Cost-effective archiving and management of clinical data

As healthcare organizations continue to consolidate, hospitals are looking to integrate data from multiple picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) efficiently while eliminating the costs of maintaining legacy PACS applications. And with clinical data volumes growing every day, being able to meet retention and availability requirements is an ongoing concern. Combining vendor-neutral archiving (VNA), data management and migration services in a single end-to-end solution, Commvault makes it easy to retire your outdated PACS infrastructures — and take back control of your clinical data.

Breaking down healthcare data silos

Hospital data is growing by 30 percent each year — with half of it made up of medical imaging data.1 As hospitals bring on more PACS solutions, that data lives across multiple silos, making it difficult for clinicians to find the information they need. Only by centralizing and modernizing the clinical archiving infrastructure can you increase efficiency, improve collaboration and reduce storage and maintenance costs.

Commvault’s clinical archiving capabilities provide a simple, cost-effective way to manage, migrate and retire legacy PACS applications. By bringing all of your medical imaging and related data into one archiving platform, you can:

  • Enable easier access by clinicians to data
    created across disparate PACS systems
  • Eliminate the cost and complexity of managing, maintaining and upgrading multiple archive silos
  • Preserve access to archived studies to inform treatment plans and meet data-retention policies
  • Promote a standards-based approach to archiving and interoperability for DICOM and non-DICOM data
  • Simplify image-enablement for your electronic health record (EHR) systems
  • Decommission legacy PACS solutions to reduce administrative and maintenance costs

Enterprise image archiving

Combining clinical archiving with a comprehensive data management platform, Commvault transforms vendor-neutral archiving (VNA) into a complete “enterprise image archiving” solution that simplifies access to and management of data created in disparate PACS solutions.

Our software is storage hardware- and location-independent, giving you the flexibility to archive your data on premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid storage solution. We ensure all your archived data is readily available for use by clinicians: the archive can be configured to deliver relevant historical studies identified with a DICOM modality worklist or HL7 ADT interface. Plus, our open platform supports all common data standards — DICOM and non-DICOM images — as well as PDFs, JPEGs, annotations and more.

Rapid PACS data migration

Traditional PACS data migration methods are not designed for large volumes of data, making migration time-consuming and resource-intensive — with no guarantee that proprietary data, like annotations or private DICOM data segments, will make it through intact.

Together with our partner Laitek — a leader in PACS migration and archiving for organizations of all sizes — we have developed a best-in-class solution to ensure your data is migrated quickly and completely. Our rapid migration technology is up to 10 times faster than conventional migration approaches, transferring between 2TB and 4TB of data per day (as many as 75,000 studies) with minimal load on the PACS systems still serving your clinical operations. Errors or misidentified data are automatically cleaned, with proprietary annotations and key image notes converted into a standard DICOM format so they remain accessible.

With Commvault:

  • Data is extracted from your existing PACS infrastructure in its original format or modified as needed to ensure interoperability with other applications
  • You benefit from full-fidelity migration, with verification steps at legacy extraction and ingestion by a new PACS system
  • Extracted data can be used for future clinical purposes — with cleaning during the initial extraction or on demand as the data is routed to other clinical systems

Healthcare Conformance Documents

Commvault Clinical Archive: IHE Integration Statement

Commvault Clinical Archive: DICOM Conformance statement

1 ESG. (2011). North American Health Care Provider Market Size & Forecast.