TiVo: 5 Key Advantages of Consolidating Backup & Recovery Tools

Title: TiVo: 5 Key Advantages of Consolidating Backup & Recovery Tools

Duration: 45 min.


Whether the result of organic growth, M&A activity, or trying to solve specific use cases with targeted solutions, IT environments typically end up with a mix of single function tools for backup, recovery and archiving, and usually from a range of vendors. Not only is this expensive, but it also significantly increases management complexity and makes it difficult, if not impossible, for IT to answer boardroom calls to extract more value from data and better safeguard that data in the face of stringent new compliance requirements.

In this webinar, learn how TiVo built a case for consolidating backup and recovery tools following a series of acquisitions after considering some of the following benefits:

  • Operational efficiencies that can be realized by reducing product and vendor count
  • The potential for Capex and Opex savings
  • How consolidation makes it easier to meet RTO/RPO objectives
  • What can be gained when it comes to responding to ransomware
  • How it makes it easier to use cloud for backup and recovery, and meet compliance requirements


Barry Hubbard
Senior Director of Infrastructure
TiVo, Inc.

Bill Byron Concevitch
Senior Solutions Marketing Manager

TiVo: 5 Key Advantages to Consolidating Backup & Recovery Tools