It Doesn't End With GDPR

Title: It Doesn't End With GDPR

Duration: 45 min.


Companies raced to meet the May 2018 deadline for Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with varying degrees of success, but if they learned anything since it is this: GDPR isn’t a one-and-done exercise. The GDPR might be the most eye-catching data privacy law on the books because of the outsized potential fine (up to 4 percent of revenue), but it is simply one of the first and most far-reaching such laws. Many more are emerging around the world and in many U.S. states. Some of the regulations overlap while others conflict, meaning organizations face the ugly reality of having to deal with a patchwork quilt of laws.

In this webinar we’ll examine:

  • Lessons learned to date
  • The key differences between the new regulations
  • Pain points companies are having (simply shutting off customers in the European Union (EU)  is not a sustainable practice)
  • Best approaches moving forward


Patrick McGrath
Solutions Marketing

Sheila FitzPatrick
President & Founder
FitzPatrick & Associates

It Doesn't End with GDPR