Managing Multi-Cloud Data Protection

Title: Managing Multi-Cloud Data Protection

Duration: 45 min.


Data protection for on-premises workloads isn’t anything new in IT. The same cannot be said for data protection in the cloud. Managing a single cloud service seems manageable, but how do you protect your data across multiple clouds and services? With the increasing prevalence of data regulation, how can you embrace multi-cloud and meet your SLAs, while staying in compliance? What specific features should you be looking for in a potential cloud-native data management solution?

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Common misconceptions about cloud data protection
  • Why cloud-native data protection is essential for a successful multi-cloud strategy
  • The real-world implications of cloud data protection
  • Requirements of a modern, consolidated data management solution
  • The business, operational and risk management advantages of cloud-native data protection

If you would like to read more about multi-cloud data protection, check out Ned's blog "A Wish List for Multi-Cloud Data Protection."


Matt Tyrer
Senior Solutions Manager - Americas

Ned Bellavance
Director of Cloud Solutions

Managing Multi-Cloud Data Protection